Sunday, June 3, 2012

Comforting Baguio and Sweet Potato

There is little more to say about Baguio nowadays. It remains the summer's best target destination in a country sweltering in the summer heat, when even the rainshowers felt warm.

The old tourist traps are still there, of course. Wright Park, Mansion House, Minesview, the market place, Burnham park. They do tend to get predictable though, what with all the tourists having their pictures taken, buying up the kitschy souvenirs.  Not much new there, since I studiously avoid SM and its controversial soon too be parking lot, a.k.a. tree massacre site.

The Baguio I love, however, are where the artists are. And in this last trip, I only went to two: Tam-awan village and Cafe by the Ruins.

The latter is always a sentimental favorite. It defined for me what an artist haven is supposed to be -- organic good food inspired by local traditions, artwork everywhere, subdued lighting, local architecture, waiters in local weaves and the ambient smell of fresh bread baking. I never miss a chance to drop in for mountain coffee and my favorite merienda treat, camote bread, with pate or a butter-cheese blend and served steaming hot and fragrant. On really cold evenings, breaking bread this way with family or good friends or some handsome stranger (hey, one can dream, right?) suspends time and space. One of those golden moments you want to collect on some imagined bracelet and kept close.

This recipe isn't the same as the one as the one in Ruins but it tides me over until the next trip to Baguio

1c warm water
1/6 c honey
1T dry instant yeast
1c whole wheat flour
3c bread flour + additional for kneading
1c boiled and grated camote
2T corn oil
3/4 t salt
Gently stir to combine warm water, honey and yeast. Make sure the water isn't too hot as it would kill the yeast and spoil your bread rise. When the yeast forms bubbles or foam, gently add in the camote and oil.
Add the flour one half cup at a time. Combine until dough is formed. Knead until smooth. Form into a ball, place in bowl in a warm area, cover and let rise for about an hour or until doubled.
After the first rise, punch down the dough, knead lightly and form into a loaf. Place loaf in lightly greased bread pan and allow to rise slightly over the pan. Bake at 350deg for about 40 minutes or until bread sounds hollow when tapped.
Serve warm.


Hazel said...

ohh i miss baguio!! wish i can go there again soon ;)

DeliSyosa said...

Its well worth the visit.