Monday, June 18, 2012

Delivery special

One of the best ways to enjoy food is at home. One saves on laundry bills, gas, make-up (for those who wear them) wear and tear...And since nearly every thing can be delivered nowadays, in means that preserve freshness, heat (or cold) and form are guaranteed.

So one day, the kids get a craving for sushi. Where they had gotten this from, I may never know. Though it may have something to do with tetris video games they play on Facebook. Hmmmm....And we made an excellent discovery. Sushi delivery by Wasabi Sushi bar.

One hundred twenty pieces of kani sushi, kani sashimi and california maki for seven hundred pesos. They deliver only for minimum orders of P1200.
Though I think they skimped on the wasabi, since I can never get enough of the stuff.

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