Monday, January 18, 2010

Glorious food!

Food. Everyone on a diet knows we can't live without it. It is the energy that spins our wheels, powers our thought, sustains us.

I started this blog because of my yearly tradition of baking my Christmas give aways. Normally I bake pie. This year, I made apple cakes. Now, I live in a tropical country in the Pacific and have just been told that apple importation is destructive to the environment because it uses up too much energy.

Now that information kind of gave me guilt pangs and images of The Bad Apple, began dancing in my head. What can I say? I love wordplay. So I decided, fine, I would continuing baking, but would start doing so in a more environmentally aware way. I will avoid apples if I can. And if not, I'll plant another tree in my backyard.

But since it is a once a year affair, that frenzy of Christmas baking, I also yearly take stock of my kitchen, refurbish the missing ingredients, tools, tsk, tsk at my poor rusting appliances, re-stock the pantry and pretend I've never really been away from this favorite hobby.

I've been baking since I was a kid, sometime in the Middle Ages, (I'm kidding!). To keep me out of her hair, my mother would send me to cooking school in the same way American kids sometimes get sent to camp. It was a summer thing, I was never asked, but I HAD to go. I never questioned it. I just went. And it has stood me well in the long run.

This blog will be about culinary and gustatory adventures, with the occasional sideshow of anything that comes into my head. It will also keep track of my waistline, which I do not intend to get away from me.


LPM said...
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LPM said...

My waistline has gotten away from me but I am determined to corral it back into some recognizable girth. That is not to say I shall be depriving myself of joyful eats.

Here is one simple protein recipe that has served me well during my inspired diets. (Ha!)

Tofu ala Spam (hosme!)

Extra extra Firm Tofu
Fresh Garlic
EVOO(extra virgin olive oil)
Tamari or soy sauce of your choosing

Slice tofu in strips resembling sliced lunchmeat

1/4 or more evoo (adjust evoo & soy sauce
1/3 of soy sauce to your taste)
Garlic as much as you like

Mix the above ingredients well
Line up tofu slices in a cookie sheet
Drizzle concoction over tofu slices, marinate,
turn over, marinate. After a minimum of an hour (longer is better of course), these slices can be cooked 3 ways...

1) BBQ over the grill
2) Baked
3) Fried gently

For a little punch, you can create any type of sawsawan. Healthy and masarap, promise.
Cooked tofu can be used as a protein substitute for pansit, chopsuey and so many other dishes. Other serving variations to follow. Enjoy!!

DeliSyosa said...

Wow. Thank you for the recipe! Will try it right away!